Wednesday, July 15, 2015

And the Summer rolls on . . .

This blog post is dedicated to Paul Sabolic who says that he is tired of seeing the picture of Randy's Donuts first every time he goes on the blog.

Fourth of July in Carpinteria

Fun at the beach followed by a traditional fireworks show at Camarillo H.S.

A Trip to UCLA

Alberto and I ventured into Los Angeles County for a day of sightseeing.

We HAD to see the UCLA Hall 0f Fame

Especially the football section

Alberto liked the Championship Rings

After UCLA we ventured to a fine
BBQ for lunch

Fully sated, we were then next seen
at the Venice Beach Boardwalk

The Hollywood sign over Alberto's
right shoulder

Alberto's first 7-on-7 action

Tuesday at Ventura H.S.

Watching at first

Drag route vs. Ventura


"I should have been a farmer."

Wednesday at Newbury Park H.S.

Who wants it?

Alberto's "Ankle Breaking" move
and catch were the highlights
of the day

At the Camarillo Fiesta
and Street Fair

The boy can eat . . .

. . . and EAT!!!

Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
Dinner with lots of friends

Paul Sabolic shared with us

Our host Mike D'Antuono

What a fun night with good friends at the Langham Huntington Hotel!

In San Pedro, California for
the Armies of the World gathering

Our son Michael has really enjoyed becoming a Civil War re-enactor. Last Saturday we joined him for for a re-enactment featuring "soldiers" from across several millenniums.

Revolutionary War


Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

Sailor from the 1800s

Desert Rats

Vietnam War

What Era?


My Roman Buddies

Hi Sailor

Spanish-American War

Coffee anyone?


I'll pass . . .

Family lunch time

Battling Cavemen

It IS lunchtime . . .

. . . and I'm getting hungry

Cool fez

The Romans are eating too!

With your shields or on them!

Emperor Hadrian

Love the collar

Is this PC?

Michael on the left

He's a Union soldier with the 2nd Vermont Volunteer Infantry, Company E.

Laurie and Alberto before the
Civil War battle

Michael mortally wounded . . .

Michael and Alberto

Saturday dinner at a GREAT
East L.A. hole-in-the-wall

Now, THAT'S a burrito!

And the Summer just keeps rolling along.

Reading Is FUNdamental

Another solid effort as Martin Walker takes us through another historic laden trip through France.


psabolic said...

Thanks, George...Something new on the Blog to start my day...Sabo

David said...

Well, the girl in the bikini is a nice way to make sure no one complains about this photo being the first thing they see for a long time ...