Monday, August 4, 2014

Family Summer Vacation 2014 in Carpinteria

On a nice Saturday morning Laurie and I loaded up the car for a fun-filled vacation week relaxing on the shores of the Pacific Ocean with our sons and their families.

The Departure Date was July 26, 2014

It is also a big date in Cuban history.

The Destination was Carpinteria
"The World's Safest Beach"

 Biking was a possibility but
walking was our form of exercise

Our rented, three bedroom flat
was only 100 yards from the sand

Jacob was primed for the beach scene.

Laurie and I were ready to kick it

First order of any beach day . . .

Jacob in his own personal
Carcassonne Castle

Jousting between Jacob and Mike
turned into . . .

. . . a flogging

A dump truck is always good

Time to hit the BIG waves

Jacob on evening parking lot duty

 In the Contreras Family, this is
known as playing "Feeties"

On Tuesday, Andy, Jenn and Kevin
arrived on the scene from Las Vegas

Old Sign

While his third birthday is on Sunday, August 3, we opted to celebrate Kevin's big day on Wednesday night.

Laurie in Decorator Mode

Kevin with his birthday cupcakes

My Day!

 Stickers are better than tats

Kevin and Jacob on their iPads

Contreras boys waiting for the
final touches on the cupcakes
Two Grandsons, Two Sons

Kevin, Jacob, Andy and Mike, good times indeed!


Blow that candle, Kevin!

Mom will help you if needed.

He's a BIG boy, he did it by himself.

Laurie and Mike sharing a moment

Vanessa, Jacob and Mike
on a morning beach walk

Andy, Laurie, Kevin and Jenn
joined in on the beach walk too

One, two, THREE!!!!!!!

Contending with a morning breeze

Seals Sunning

Tide Pool

Slow Down Jacob!

Kevin trying out his new
Camino de Santiago walking stick

 Beach Rock Art

Mossy Rocks

Pier Support

College Roomies Unite!

Loren and Sandy Brucker joined us on Thursday and Friday. Loren and I were college roommates as were Laurie and Sandy. We've known each other for almost 50 years now.

Laney and Jacob

Also joining us were Loren and Sandy's son Ryan, his wife Karli and their kids Jack and Laney.

Karli is also eight months pregnant with another daughter. 

Jack, Jacob and Laney

Andy, Ryan and Mike

Andy settling down Kevin and Jacob

Laney and Jack Body Boarding

Beach Set-up for 14, SVP

Andy and Kevin hit the waves

It was rough out there

Kevin standing TALL!

Hey, this is FUN!!!

Kevin, The Vegas Beach Animal

Catching a few rays

Mike and Laney helping Jacob

Jack gets ready to paddle on the right.

Just missed it

Jacob caught this one

Madonna and Child
Hippy Style

We had a great week in the quaint seaside beach resort that is Carpinteria with family and friends.

What more could you ask for in a vacation?

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