Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Christmas x 3

Our wonderful Christmas Day was actually a three day event in 2013 starting on Sunday and all took place at Casa Contreras in sunny, breezy Camarillo.

Sunday, December 22nd
Hicks Family Christmas

The activities started with Laurie's sister's family, the Hicks, joining us for a great afternoon reunion that also featured our two sons and their families.

Kevin was in from Las Vegas

He was laying low before the craziness started.

Kevin attacking his Uncle Mike

Cousin Jacob was shocked by this totally unprovoked assault on his father.

Kevin Pins Uncle Mike

With more than a little help from his friends I might add!


Jenn with son Kevin on the left
and nephew Mike on the right

She was a calming influence throughout the day.

The day's best present for Jacob
might have been this empty box

 Andy, Laurie and Mike

My Unholy Trinity.

We should REALLY get
together more often

Tom Selleck Mug

Mike could not have been any more excited. 

 Kevin was pretty pleased too

"Don't worry, we can't get in trouble
for this."

Can we?  

Climbing in the ancestral
Casa Contreras tree was FUN!!!

Contreras-Hicks Families Group Photo

Monday, December 23rd
Contreras Brothers Christmas

On Monday night, we got together again to eat traditional Christmas pizza while doing another gift exchange. This time it was just our two sons and their wives and children.

Remembering our friends in Italy,
Sweden, Switzerland and France

Lots of Presents to be sure

 What could this be?

Kevin: "Jacob, you are going to
share this with me, right?" 

Jacob: "No, but we can jump
on it together!"


Reading is FUNdamental!

Jenn, Kevin, Mike and Jacob

Taking a breath before even more presents get opened.

 Laurie loved her Minion T-Shirt

Laurie and Jenn enjoying a moment

Mike enjoying his hand-made
NPHS scarf from Laurie

Engineer Kevin about to blow his
new Train Whistle

I LOVE Alphonse Mucha artwork!

He was a fabulous Czech artist whose work I first fell in love with on a visit to Prague in 2008.

Reading up on Sherlock Holmes'
Special Self-Defense Techniques

A Football + Elmo = BLISS!!!

Bye-Bye Kevin 

Kevin, Jenn and Andy would be heading back to North Las Vegas on Tuesday morning to celebrate some more with Jenn's family.

We'll see them again soon in Nevada.

Wednesday, December 25th
Contreras Family Christmas

Finally, on Wednesday, my family made the annual pilgrimage to Camarillo to celebrate the special day.

My sister Linda with cousins
Max and Jacob

Max is our sister Marilyn's grandson.

Linda, a Nerf Football and Jacob

This could be good.

I don't think he caught this pass . . .

. . . Or completed this one

"Working as one of Santa's Elves
was REALLY heard work"

Jacob explaining his difficult life with his great Aunt Katie and Great Grandmother Chuny.

My sister Marilyn with her Grandson Max

What a fun addition to our growing Contreras Clan!

Lorenzo feeding his wife Lauren
as their son Max wonders why
he is going hungry???

Laurie did a splendid job again cooking a sumptuous Christmas meal!

Jacob explaining the art of reading
to Katie and Chuny 

"It's . . .

Vanessa and Mike were happy, Jacob . . . NOT SO MUCH!

 Football Guys!!!

Now THAT'S more like it!

"It's OK for me to play with these,
isn't it Grandpa?"

Jacob teaching Linda how to use
an iPad

Three GREAT days of family, food and revelry. Christmas was truly excellent this year!

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