Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2013-14 EuroBall Propaganda Blitz Begins at California Lutheran University

Now that the Division III college football regular season has come to a close, I can begin my annual attempt to speak to as many college Senior football players in Southern California as possible about extending their careers by enjoying at least one season playing American football somewhere in Europe.

As usual, thanks to the tremendous cooperation of Head Football Coach Ben McEnroe, my first stop on this year's tour was at nearby California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.

Eight Interested Kingsmen

Coach McEnroe has continued the great winning traditions at CLU and today he was able to assemble these former players who are interested in EuroBall.

We had a great two hour session in which I tried to educate these players about all of the ins and outs of landing a job.

These eight athletes had a lot of very good questions and I think that they would be good fits for teams in need of import players.

I do this because of all of the fabulous experiences that Laurie and I have enjoyed in our seasons coaching in Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and France. Simply put, I would love to see as many players as possible go overseas to broaden their horizons.

Today was a good day.

Next up, the University of La Verne.


Anthony (Europlayers) said...

Hi George,

When are you going to the University of La Verne? EuroStopwatch is organizing a combine there on Dec, 14th (starting at 9am).

If any local players are interested in playing in Europe, attending the combine would be a good first step. Alternatively, they can simply go and talk to the staff of EuroStopwatch who will provide them with general info about playing in Europe. If you could be there at the same time that would be great (let me know. I can give you the contact details of the manager of Eurostopwatch in a private message).

Players will be tested on Bench Press, 10/20/40 Yard Dash, 3 Cone Drill, Broad Jump, Vertical Jump, NFL Shuttle and Position Drills. Their stats will then be published on their profile on Europlayers so European teams will know that the stats have been verified. The list of players who have attended the combine will also be published on Europlayers to give them some exposure.

More info about the combine:

Also, among the 8 players you met at CLU, are there any you would recommend in particular to European teams? If so, let me know (anthony@europlayers.com) and I will contact some European teams on their behalf.



George said...

All of these players at CLU, and most of the Seniors that I talk to in these campus visits still hav another semester to go in order to graduate so they are looking to go over some time after mid-May.

I should be at La Verne next week, just finalizing the date with their coach.

Anthony (Europlayers) said...

Most European countries will have started their season by mid-May. The players you met should contact German teams if they want to play in Europe in 2014. The season there usually starts in May. Sweden could also be an option. I can give them more info if needed.

As for La Verne, if you could mention the combine there on Dec, 14th that would be great. Even if the players don't participate, just talking to the staff of Eurostopwatch will provide them with useful info about playing in Europe.