Sunday, August 21, 2011


Why is this man smiling?

Jonas "The Godfather" Grip is all smiles for a simple reason, after a long start to the season, our beloved Hässleholm Hurricanes won their first game of the 2011 season!!!

The final score on Saturday was Hässleholm Hurricanes 12 - Ekeby Greys 8!!!!!!!!!!!

Uffe Palmbrink and Rasmus Grip

As I have noted before, no matter in what country, continent or what sport you may be playing, winning is just as great as Charlie Sheen would lead us all to believe! Uffe's #1 sign I'm sure helped alleviate some of the season's frustrations.

Note the snazzy new cover to the stands at the Hurricanes home turf, Göingevallen Stadium. Very nice.

2011 Division I Södra (South) Standings
The top two teams at the end of the regular season will play in the 2011 SAFF Division I Playoffs along with the top two teams from each of the other three Division I Conferences.

Kristianstad Predators (8-1)
Ystad Rockets (8-2)
Limhamn Griffins (7-2)
Lugi Vikings (3-6)
Hässleholm Hurricanes (1-8)
Ekeby Greys (1-9)

Week 13 Results
Hässleholm 12 - Ekeby 8
Limhamn 49 - Lugi 18
BYES: Kristianstad and Ystad

Week 14 Games
Saturday, August 27th
Lugi (3-6) at Hässleholm (1-8)
Kristianstad (8-1) at Limhamn (7-2)
BYES: Ekeby (1-9) and Ystad (8-2)

SAAF Division I Södra Notes: Next Saturday's games will be the final ones of the 2011 regular season in Sweden.

While our Hurricanes will still be playing for pride, Ryan Bolland's Kristianstad Predators have a lot on the line when they travel to Limhamn for their season finale. The Swedish playoffs start the weekend of September 3-4 with only the top two teams in each of SAFF's four Division I Conferences moving on to post-season play.

To review the possible playoff scenarios for the Södra (South) Conference, if Kristianstad (8-1) beats Limhamn (7-2) then the Predators would open the playoffs at home against the #2 seed from the Västra (East) Conference. A Kristianstad victory would make the Ystad Rockets (8-2) the #2 seed from the Södra Conference and reward them with a trip to the home of the #1 Västra Conference squad.

If Limhamn beats Kristianstad by more than 7 points, then Limhamn would be the #1 Södra seed, Kristianstad would be #2 and Ystad stays home. The 7 point line is based on the Predators 51-44 victory over the Griffins earlier this year. Aggregate score of their two games is the next tie-breaker since they would have split their two games under this scenario. Ystad lost the aggregate score tie-breaker battle to both the Predators 13-20 and to the Griffins 20-21.

If Limhamn beats Kristianstad by less than 7 points, it would be Kristianstad #1, Limhamn #2 and Ystad still at home waiting for the start of the 2012 campaign.

If Limhamn is victorious by exactly 7 points, then the tie-breaker is aggregate season scoring differential. After nine games, Kristianstad has outscored their opponents 310-107, a differential of +203 points. Limhamn is currently sporting a +226 points differential after beating their opponents 346-120. Advantage Griffins. Under this model it would be Limhamn #1, Kristianstad #2, Ystad done for the year.

It should be interesting!

Meanwhile, back in beautiful El Rio, California . . .

Rio Mesa Guard Nick Gutierrez

The 2011 season at Rio Mesa H.S. officially got underway on Thursday with the beginning of two-a-day practices. The first three days were helmet only affairs with a heavy emphasis on conditioning and the installation of our basic schemes. It was good to get back at it.

After a day off on Sunday, it will be back to work with more two-a-days on Monday only now in full pads. It should be fun.

A Wedding

Yesterday afternoon, we attended a wedding on the sand at the beach in Ventura with the sun setting in the Pacific Ocean as a spectacular backdrop. The lucky couple were Rio Mesa teacher Marleen Mahan and the love of her life, Kevin Gracom.

Here come the Bridesmaids

Marleen being escorted by her father Mark

The reception at the top of the multi-story Crowne Plaza Hotel next to the beach offered incredible views of the Ventura beach scene. It is safe to say that everyone had a very good time celebrating the union of these two good-hearted people!


David said...

Note that if you scroll past the Hurricanes story, there's one about "Carnival" that calls it a "fun unholy mixture."

Sounds like a good time.

Johan said...

You just have to love Google translate. Makes me laugh every time.