Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Week in Review

Another week in SoCal with lots of ups and a few downs.

Last Saturday we invited Mike and Vanessa to join us for lunch at Brophy Brothers in the. . .

. . .Ventura Harbor

The seafood here was great as always and afterwards we went on a short, wind swept walk along the harbor front.

Children at Play

The Duke of Flatbush

During the heyday of the famed "Boys of Summer," the 1950's Brooklyn Dodgers, Duke Snider patrolled the Ebbets Field outfield and menaced opposing pitchers. His career included 407 home runs and a much deserved induction into the Hall of Fame in 1980.

The Dodgers move to Los Angeles in 1958

When the Dodgers moved to the L.A. Coliseum, I was 11 years old and desperately in need of a new hero as I had been a Cincinnati Reds fan due to their imposing, sleeveless first baseman, Ted Kluszewski.

I opted for Edwin "Duke" Snider. My grandfather took me to the third home game of the 1958 season at the Coliseum, Dodgers vs. Giants. It was a glorious Sunday afternoon highlighted by the Giants' Willie Mays being thrown out at home on an inside-the-park home run attempt thanks to the arm of the Duke.

On Sunday, February 27, 2011, the Duke passed away of natural causes. He was 84 years old.

The Ventura County
Football Coaches Association

On Wednesday night I was scheduled to be one of three speakers to address the first of five Wednesday night coaching clinics held each March by the VCFCA.

While two speakers were giving out information on the newest technology available to football coaches, I was scheduled to discuss "Playing and Coaching American Football in Europe."

It rained heavily all day but the coaches who braved the weather seemed to have a good time. A few showed real interest in going overseas someday to coach.

I really hope they do, GOOD TIMES INDEED!

Ryan Bolland
Head Coach of the Kristianstad Predators

On that note, I must very jealously report that while I was talking about coaching in Europe, Ryan was actually flying to Sweden to take over as Head Coach of the Predators.

If you'll recall, Ryan came over to Sweden to help coach the Hässleholm Hurricanes after the Mid-Summer Break. He did such a great job for us that he was asked to come back to Skåne this season as the coach of the Predators first ever Senior team.

The Predators will play the Hurricanes in the season opener. Should be a good one.

On Friday, while attending the Glazier Football Clinic in Coasta Mesa, news arrived from Las Vegas. The doctor said that he is now "99.9% sure" that Andy and Jenn are going to have a boy in August. GO TANK RANGER!!!

Saturday, it was time to drive to Long Beach for our son Michael's third football game of the Spring season.

Long Beach City College

I don't think that we are going to fill the stands for the Ventura County Police Hogs vs. the Beach Cities All-Americans game on this very warm day.

Mike's Hogs team was 1-1 on the season. I don't know what the All-Americans team record was going into this contest but I do know that they were at a disadvantage. The Beach Cities team is an indoor team, so they would be short on linemen for this 11 on 11 game. It didn't help their cause that they, as the home team, decided to play NFL rules including 15 minute quarters.

Is that Troy Polamalu for the All-Americans?

Hogs Pursuit

Block that Punt

Hogs QB John Castellanos Airing It Out

Great Downfield Blocking

Soaring to the Hogs First TD

#75 Brian Jetton on the Perfect Swim Move

Vertical Stripes Are Slimming

Aerial Ballet

QB Sneak on the Goal Line

Laurie getting some rays

Henry Wilson's Interception Return

Corner Route for another Hogs TD

#3 at Right Guard

As I said earlier, the All-Americans were short on linemen. The right guard's stance probably was a tipoff.

This tipped pass led to an interception

Henry Wilson's second interception
of the First Half

At the half, the Hogs were in complete control, leading 32-0. The second half was much more competitive but the final score still heavily favored the Hogs by a count of 38-0.

Michael sporting a 1970's 'Stache

After the game we stopped in Venice Beach for some delicious fixins at the Baby Blues BBQ where we saw this vintage blue Chevy Impala. . .

Would have loved to see it bounce

I went with the "Sweet" BBQ Sauce

Two Orders of "The Memphis Queen"

Two half slabs of pork ribs each, though prepared in two different styles they were both outstanding! The mashed sweet potatoes and their spicy corn bread were equally delicious.

Sunset at Santa Monica Beach

So ended another week in SoCal.

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