Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Monday

Before we discuss the Packers' victory in Super Bowl XLV, I need to sneak in one last photo from Saturday's Hogs game.

Post-Game Pizza and Adult Refreshments
at Santino's

After Saturday's game both teams met at Santino's Pizzeria to select Players-of-the-Games and enjoy the exhiliration of the season opener. Vanessa took the picture of Laurie and me with Mike.

Super Bowl XLV
Green Bay 31 - Pittsburgh 25

Packers' Nick Collins 37 yard TD Interception Return

This was a HUGE first quarter play! I thought that it was a good game as Green Bay won its fourth Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy and its 13th NFL Championship overall.

I thought that Steelers' coach Mike Tomlin's post-game comments were just pure class, I really like his demeanor.

Mike and his new mustache
BBQing at halftime

We joined Mike and Vanessa at their apartment to watch the game and consume our share of America's Super Bowl Sunday gluttony.


About ten or so years ago, our good friend Mark Johnson went on a diet and, as desired, he lost a substantial amount of weight. No surprise there, the amazing thing is that he has never regained any of that weight!

I asked him once how he had been able to keep the weight off all these years and his answer was simple. Once he hit his target weight, he threw away all of his old "fat clothes." This way there would be no easy out if he added a pound or two, his new clothes snugness would warn him that it was time to get back on course.

I mention this because after returning from Sweden in October, I was sorely in need of some new Levis. Simple, just drive over to the Camarillo Outlet Mall's Levi store and buy a pair. I was excited to say the least when I realised that the waist size of my new Levis was four inches smaller than my old ones!

Now I mention all of this because other than our five mile hike with Paul Petrich on Santa Cruz Island two weeks ago I have not kept up my very successful walking program since Christmas. At first it was the battery of rain storms that hit SoCal and once the weather cleared up it was pure lethargy that took over.

Yesterday, before going to Mike and Vanessa's to watch the Super Bowl, I tried on my new Levis. . . NO DICE! A lot of the weight was back, so it was time to get serious again.

Lake Casitas

My road back to recovery started today with a 30 minute drive up to Ojai. After parking my Chrysler outside the entrance to the lake's campgrounds, I embarked on a pleasant six mile walk around a very small part of the lake's shoreline.

Lake Casitas was a 1984
L.A. Olympics Venue

We did not attend any of the rowing events that summer but we did go to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for a day of Track and Field action, the Rose Bowl for a soccer match and Dodger Stadium for a baseball game (exhibition sport in '84). We had a good time as I recall at all three of our Olympic experiences that summer.

Can you see me rowing one of these shells?

Lake Casitas

Trail markers are always a good thing

Just like on the Camino

There were even vineyards along the route

It felt good to get back at it after my six week hiatus, I've got to get those Levis back on soon.


Ryan Bolland said...

One day of football with some cops and Mike already has a mustache.

Anonymous said...

Super Bowl Tid Bit: The MVP of the game, who easily should have had over 400 yds passing, without the drops, Won His Second Bowl Victory on 2/6/2011. In his first bowl victory, against Santa Barbara City College in 1999, he DID throw for over 400 yds., I think! His Butte College beat us in the "Mud Bowl"! Rogers didn't fumble once, and our QB did 5 times! He was MVP in that bowl win! He then got a scholarship to Cal. Ciao, Coach Petrich