Monday, January 3, 2011

Nice Things

Two nice things happened to start my New Year.

First, Roger Kelly, the head of, had some very kind words to say about the generosity of the Ventura County high school coaches that donated gear to the Hässleholm Hurricanes. You can link up to his article at

Secondly, Pamela Chew of the Singapore Strait Times informed me that her paper in Asia published an article entitled "Swede Life by the Sea" about the naval town of Karlskrona, Sweden. In it, with my permission, they used three photos that I took of the port city of Karlskrona last April. Thus I have now had my photos published in newspapers in two continents, Hässleholm, Sweden's NorraSkåne being the other one.

Here are the three pictures of Karlskrona that were used in the Singapore Strait Times article:

Sweden's King Karl XI

Lining up for ice cream
on a warm April afternoon

Karlskrona's peaceful inner harbor

As far as I'm concerned, I am now adding "Freelance Photographer" to my resume.

I find 2011 to be an awesome year and we still have 363 days to go!


Johan said...

If this would have been Facebook I would have pushed the Like button.

David said...

I'm sure King Karl appreciates that you photographed his best side.

George said...


It's ALL about the Sun's location.