Thursday, November 4, 2010

NorreSkåne Still At It

Johan Hammarqvist, our good friend and NorreSkåne political news editor, has written an article for their sports department about my returning to coach at Rio Mesa H.S which you can read through the link below.
Although it must have been a slow sports news day in Sweden, I still thank Johan for taking the time to remember me.



David said...

The obligatory Google translation:

Contreras in the saddle again
By Johan Hammarqvist November 3 18:12

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Hässleholm Hurricanes former coach, George Contreras, is back as coach. But not the American football players in Göinge but in young people at Rio Mesa High School outside Los Angeles.
- To get every player to have a positive season's momentum, he says.

Contreras has been working as a coach at four schools in California in 40 seasons. When he retired in 2007 from the teaching profession, which he combined with tränarsysslan spent his first two seasons in Italy Catania and then this past season in Hässleholm, where he also actively worked to alert more people into the sport. The years in Italy went to combine with coaching job at home when the season underway in the U.S. in the autumn when there is snow in Italy.

The season in Hässleholm was not, however, to combine and Contreras had thus no plans to coach this autumn. But fate wanted different for 63-year-old. Rio Mesa Spartans young team started the season shakily and there was concern in and around the team. Suddenly Contreras asked to come back and help out at the school where he previously coached for 18 years. Work now includes Contreras in the coaching staff with a role that can be likened to a mentor. So impressive season 41 as a coach in high school.
- My belief is that you play like you practice and therefore we have tried to increase the tempo in training. So far, the team and the young coaches responded to me in my thoughts "says Contreras.

But why jump on the coaching job again?
- I have coached many of the players when they played in the freshmen team (freshmen) and I know there are good young people who need to focus on a bit and be reminded of how much fun they have when they play football.
Rio Mesa Spartans have won their last two games and has a new match on Friday.

George said...


I was hoping you were still with us at Blog Central!


steveswindle said...

I love the translations of Euro languages to English....some good goofs in grammar.

Johan said...

I especially like the translation that speaks about snow beeing a factor in Italy. I wrote nothing of that sort :-)