Monday, October 13, 2008

Joe Mollica Turns 40

Our good buddy, Joe Mollica, turned 40 last Friday. He teaches at Rio Mesa H.S. but because of school and our Varsity home football game that day, we took him out to lunch on Saturday.

If you recall from some of the June postings, Joe visited us in Catania as we toured Florence, Bolzano, Madrid, Pamplona and Barcelona. He is just a fun loving and lovable guy to have with you.

Ozeki's Sushi Bar in  Ventura
Joe Mollica, on the left, with Brian FitzGerald

To say Joe is a regular here is an understatement. They keep a box with his name on it with his own personal high tech lacquered chopsticks for Pete's sake!

I am not a big fan of sushi as I still believe that man's discovery of fire is not to be underestimated. I ordered a salmon and Philadelphia cream cheese roll that was served tempura style... tasty and warm! 

Mike and the lovely Vanessa

Our son and his fiancee were in attendance along with Ben "The Organizer" Todd, Annie Chase, Brian and Koreen FitzGerald and my better 4/5's Laurie. We had a good time indeed!

Let Him Eat Cake

Neoskin is right next door to Ozeki's

I thought about going in for a quick maintenance but time was of the essence.

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