Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lassen Heads to the Beijing Olympics

David Lassen, long time friend of this blog and the Ace sports reporter for the Ventura County Star newspaper, is on his way to Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics as I write this blog post.

His main assignment is to cover the ten U.S. Olympic team members with Ventura Couty roots. Considering that only about 980,000 people live in Ventura County, that is a very large number of athletes indeed!

The Bryan Twins at Wimbledon

My two favorite people he will cover are two former American Government students of mine at Rio Mesa H.S., tennis doubles partners and twin brothers, Bob and Mike Bryan. In the picture above they have just won the Men's Doubles Championship at Wimbledon in 2006.

In his article today, David expressed concern that, given Chinese governmental attitudes, he may have a hard time trying "... to visit the Web sites of newspapers? ESPN? George Contreras?"

This got me to check the Google Analytics website that has kept track of this blog since Jason Johnson hooked me up to that website on February 1, 2008. In the six months now that the Analytics site has tracked my blog it can report the following:
We've had 21,820 visits
We've had 5,139 different visitors
People in 83 different countries have been on the blog

Not to worry David, we have already had five visits from China to date so you should be O.K. with me... ESPN might be a whole different issue though.

P.S.   THANKS to everybody who has supported the blog, it is VERY gratifying to see these incredible numbers!


DPLassen said...

And I can now confirm that, no, your blog is not among those blocked by the Chinese authorities. Assuming your next coaching gig doesn't take you to Tibet, we should be safe.

And, if you'll permit me a little blogging cross-promotion, I'm now up and running from Beijing at:

George said...

How's the food?