Thursday, September 19, 2019

A Weekend in Seattle for the Washington-Hawaii Game and a 25th Wedding Anniversary

Thursday, September 12 - Thursday, September 19, 2019

A great American Football weekend and a fun wedding anniversary party for two of our dear friends was in the offing in the Pacific Northwest this past weekend.

We just had to make the trip!

The game was between the
Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (2-0)
and the 
Washington Huskies (1-1)

Hawaii, though unranked, had beaten two PAC-12 teams to start their season. At home, they had defeated Arizona 45-38 and Oregon State 31-28.

As for the Dawgs, after beating Eastern Washington 47-14, the Huskies suffered a tough PAC-12 opening loss to California by a final tally of 20-19.

The Huskies needed to play a much more inspired game to get their season back on track.

On Friday morning we arrived
at Sea-Tac Airport
We were staying with our long time friends Mark and Susie Johnson who had also been hosting some friends of theirs named Joy and Bruce who are from the United Kingdom.

In the afternoon, while the ladies decided do do a little shopping, Mark, Bruce and I headed about 30 minutes north of Seattle to the Boeing plane factory that is housed in the world's largest building.

It was a fascinating tour but no photos were allowed in the building.

Dinner at Ray's Boathouse



The Johnson's home sits on the
Montlake Cut that unites Portage Bay
to Lake Washington

 Up goes the Montlake Bridge

House Boat Culture

The Johnson's own several properties throughout the general Seattle area including a house boat.

Their friend Joe and his wife and his daughter currently reside in the Johnson house boat.

Since our game didn't kickoff until 4:30 p.m., we took Joe up on his offer to show us around Portage Bay and Lake Union in his boat in the morning.

 Joe at the helm

Ivar's Salmon House

Good seafood here, but not today.

Multi-level boat parking lot

The Seattle skyline

The house boat used in the movie
Sleepless in Seattle

 A hot tub boat,

A touch of Cuba in Seattle

Sea planes use
Lake Union quite often

 Native American Fishing Rights
in action!

Joe did a great job as our tour guide, THANK YOU!

On to the game . . .

Tailgating is a HUGE part
of any college football game day

 At Washington, we also have Sailgating

Lots of boaters take advantage of
Husky Stadium's lakefront location

Laurie and a random Sailgater

We all loved his jacket!

The view from our perch

 The attendance was disappointing

Regardless of their 2-0 record, Hawaii just is not a big draw when they play on the mainland.

 With Mark Johnson

Laurie and Susie Johnson

Joy and Bruce from the UK

Lake Washington behind Husky
Stadium's east end zone

 Mark and Susie after having their
25th wedding anniversary announced
on the stadium's scoreboard
in the second quarter

With Dan Spriesterbach

I was a teammate of Dan's at both St. Francis H.S. and the University of Washington back in the day.

Dan was an excellent DB who went on to continue his love affair with the game, working as a PAC-12 referee for many years.

Other than a sluggish Third Quarter,
the Huskies dominated

QB Jacob Eason had a good day

Eason was 18 of 25 passing (72%) for 262 yards and three TDs.

After the game, Mark and I were joined by his daughter Mallory to celebrate the Husky win at . . .

. . . One of Seattle's top late night
dining experiences

We opted to share their famed
12 egg omelet with hash browns and
toast of course

We erred on the side of sanity and took about 40% of it home.

We weren't all that sane . . .

We'd never had a milkshake at Beth's until tonight.

As it turned out, they went GREAT with our omelet.

Who knew . . .

On Sunday,
Mark and Susie's
25th Wedding Anniversary Bash

On Sunday, we were invited to recreate the magic that we shared with Mark And Susie a quarter of a century ago when they got married during a Husky bye week of course.

Susie and her bridesmaids
who were able to make it

 Dallas and I were part of Mark's
Groomsmen all those years ago

The Johnson Family
Mallory, Mark, Susie and Sophie

The day's gala took place on the same island ferry which was converted into a party venue, the Skansonia.  It was where the Johnson's held their reception in 1994.

With Jon Kadletz

Jon was a fine LB for the Huskies more than a few years ago and was also one of my college roommates.


The evening view of downtown Seattle
from the bow of the Skansonia

Everyone had a great time celebrating the Johnson's specials day.

Monday in Seattle

 Of course we went to the
Pike Place Market

We were tourists after all.

What a show!

Mark and his salmon

Old meets new in downtown Seattle

 More seafood

Colorful carrots

More colorful veggies

 What Laurie does best

 Red flowers were everywhere . . .

. . . including the art

Beautiful Blackberries

Sunset in Seattle after a busy day

During the day we journeyed to Camano Island to eat lunch and take a peek at the Johnson's new, fixer-upper cabin.

Great fun but I didn't taker any pictures for some unknown reason.

After a delicious dinner
at the Johnson home

This group was fun over the weekend and . . .

. . . at times a bit crazy too!

We flew home Tuesday morning to Burbank and stopped in Simi Valley for lunch.

We dined at this spot that our friend
Martha Jimenez-Ito once recommended

Laurie was happy with their excellent
soft street tacos

No rest for me as I needed to get over to St. Bonaventure H.S. to interview their Head Coach Tony Henney in preparation for Friday night's Game-of-the-Week podcast for the Ventura County Star.

On Wednesday, I was at Hart H.S.
interviewing Head Coach Mike Herrington
for the same reason

On Thursday,
School Started

Christie was a student at Westlake H.S.
when I taught their in the 1970s and 1980s

Her father, Lance Erie, was our Athletic Director at WHS too.

Good people!

Christie and I are both enrolled in the Conejo Valley Adult School's Italian Conversation class that started today.

Today's 90 minute class was dedicated to using our varying levels of Italian competence to discuss various topics that would introduce us to each other.

One question dealt with telling each other about a dream that we had that we hoped to someday come true.

The first three ladies responded with the same dream, someday living in a home in Italy, one near Genoa, one near Sienna and one on the island of Sicily.

When it got to be my turn, all I could think to say was that Laurie and I are living their dreams.

Back on the EuroBall Scene

The Skorpions have begun their
preparations for the 2020 season

A week after returning from our U18
game in Vienna, we take off for
Mexico City for our first ever
WOMEN'S Europe Warriors game! 

Still enjoying the moments that EuroBall provides!

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